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Welcome to Bad Idea Events.

At Headwaters Studio we joke that we are a print shop with a bike problem.  When we aren't putting out new tees we are riding the great roads, trails and routes around Red Lodge, Montana.  And the longer the better. 

But it wasn't always that way.  When Headwaters Studio owner Paul Otsu, first started riding seriously about 10 years ago a 30 mile road bike was plenty far enough.  Over the years with support from friends and family he has pedal his bike farther and farther.  Including up to 300 miles in 24 hours.  Each time he went a bit longer he was sure to hear "that sounds like a bad idea."

So started Bad Idea Events.  Paul wants to support anyone who goes out of their comfort level and strives to go further than they did before.  It doesn't matter if its their first 5K or they are racing competitively in a 24 hour mountain bike race.  We understand that Bad Ideas make strong people.

What can you do to help you with your next Bad Idea.

Race Organizers

First off we salute you! You give many athletes the chance to go out and take the bull by the horns in a controlled by adventures setting.  We want to sponsor your race with one of these great packages.

  • Shirts!  Every event needs a rockin shirt.  Not only to get your athletes pumped about their upcoming race but also for promotion throughout the season.  Not only are our prices competitive but for a simple logo exchange we will either print the sponsor half of the shirt for free! And this isn't just limited to event shirts we also would be glad to do your retail shirts.
  • Prizes.  Freebies are probably the best part of any post event celebration.  For mention exchange for advertisement on your site, and social media we have many prize packages including personalized hats, badges and t shirts that we would be glad to send you.

Contact us about a Event Sponsorship